20/80 Rule

Minority of causes, inputs or effort can lead to a majority of the results, outputs or rewards. 20/80-rule states that there is always an inbuilt imbalance between. The imbalance is not always 20/80 and can also be, for example, 1/99, 5/95, 10/90 or 30/70.

The story of Frank

Frank did everything ”right”. First he went through high school with good grades. Then he managed to get into a good university. There he studied really hard and got a nice job with a good salary. While he was in the university he met Ann. After they graduated and Frank found a great job they got married and bought a house. The wedding were very nice with all of there friends and families. After getting married Ann got pregnant and they had to buy a bigger house. Ann stayed at home. This was not a problem, because Frank´s career was going uphill. He earned more while responsibilities grew.


The story of relationship appeared to be a real success and they were really happy for a long time. Everything looked very nice for the outsiders. Frank was getting bigger and bigger salary and his responsibilities grew all the time. This also meant longer hours and less time at home with a family for Frank. This also meant traveling all over the world. He saw many hotel rooms, but not so many other things except customers. While the salary grew the expenses of the family were getting bigger and bigger. Ann was at home and another child was coming. They had to take another mortgage and buy a lot more stuff for a family. Money wasn´t really a problem, but they couldn´t save much money.


This rat race continued for a decade. Frank and Ann started to grow their separate ways. Frank didn´t have time to exercise, ate what he could and started getting fat and his health started to decline. Ann took care of their children in the same time and saw them grow from babies to adolescence while Frank barely saw them. And then one day came the most severe blow to him when Ann told him she wanted a divorce. There was no prenup and Ann got half of the money, but she didn´t have to pay the mortgage, because Frank had made the contract with his own signature only. Their children wanted to stay with Ann and Frank had to move out from his home.


He was alone and in debt, but had his work and a steady salary. Everything was ok until his health started to deteriorate. The stress from work and divorce in the same time was just too much for him. He had to take a leave of absense and his income decreased. He was a middle-aged man with no real friends and his family was alienated from him, because he worked too hard for decades. After the leave of absence he tried to get back to work, but the stress was still too much for him.


He still lived for a decade alone and while he were in his deathbed feeling miserable he had this one thought in his mind: What went wrong? He seemed to have everything, but he noticed that he actually had nothing else than his work for a long time. The last thought in his mind was: I should have worked less and used my money and time smarter.

What this site is all about

We all have met Frank or know a guy like him. What seems to be a success can be a failure. This website is for the people who don´t want to become Frank. It is not about gender, it is about living a meaningful and happy life and achieve high standard of living without working all the time. There is a better way by doing less. It doesn´t mean you have to forget success. You can achieve everything by doing things smarter with less effort. I hope you find the information I am providing useful and you can improve your life with my help. 20/80-rule is a great mental model and tool for that. It is not the only one.


Enjoy the ride,